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1992-96 Cantona #7 Manchester United Home Nameset

1992-96 Cantona #7 Manchester United Home Nameset

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  • Quantity :

    1 set (name & number)

    Material :


    Instruction (Using Transfer Heat Press Machine):

    1) Place the Name Set / Patch / Badges glueside (rough side) down on the shirt in correct position.

    2) Temperature: 120 - 130 degrees C

    3) Time: 12 -15 seconds

    4) Pressure: Very firm

    5) Peel: Cold (allow to cool for at least 60 seconds before carefully peeling the backing material).

    6) If Patch / Badges does not fully stick, recover and press for a further 5-10 seconds.

    7) Do not wash shirt for 48 hours after application

    NOTE: The use of normal iron is not recommended

    Any inquiry please message me for wholesale or special price for multiple or bulk purchases.

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